One month after leaving Brantwood


It’s an extraordinary feeling after twenty four years – not to have Jumping Jenny at Brantwood at the back of one’s mind:- has it been busy today?, have we got staffing sorted for tomorrow?, do we need to make cakes (more Gillie’s department, of course!)?, what needs to be ordered?, were there any problems today?, did we get the staffing ratio right?, and so on… .

So, the last four weeks have felt like a holiday, and we have been able to do lots of work at Belmount – things that we have never had time to do – with the help of JJ staff.

We have had many lovely messages from Jumping Jenny customers, and staff, one of whom messaged today:- “It’ll be very different without you being over at Brantwood and am sure its a big change for you both. I do hope it all goes well with the Barn café, I will certainly be heading their to get my fix of legendary food.”.

On Tripadvisor today, there is the following comment about Jumping Jenny at Brantwood:- “… it was beautiful with delicious healthy, home cooked dishes and cakes served by delightful staff in a lovely atmosphere.”.

It will be almost the same (apart from the view, sadly) at The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall, which is now scheduled to open on Friday 10th July. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jumping Jenny on Gondola

Now that ‘Jumping Jenny’ is no longer at Brantwood, we can do lots of other things! Last evening we catered for a buffet on a two hour evening Gondola cruise.

And what a perfect evening for a trip on Gondola! And what lovely people! Two comments already:-

“Thank you very much for the very best meal we have enjoyed since we arrived in the Lake District! I look forward to hearing that your cookbook is written and ready to buy!” Jane …….. , Wyoming USA

“Last evening, I was one of Helen’s travelers that couldn’t stay out of the “kitchen!” You meal was divine and made our special event at Brantwood, even more so. You were also so kind to share some of your special tips and ingredients. I look forward to owning your future cookbook. So many thanks,” Vicki…

So, if you would like Jumping Jenny to provide food for your special event, please contact us through the JJ website, email or phone 015394 36373 to discuss your plans.

Jumping Jenny – the next stage

In an extract from a book about eating out in Paris (by Patricia Wells), I came across the following:- “What do I look for [in assessing restaurants]? My final judgement rests on the quality of the ingredients, the chef’s creativity and honesty, and overall service. In menus, I look for a healthy balance of dishes, seasonal use of ingredients, and good value. … A good restaurant is like good theatre: one leaves in  a good frame of mind, with a feeling that time and money have been well spent. … you are already planning and looking forward to a return visit..” .

As a template for what we try to do with our Jumping Jenny business (and of course at Belmount Hall for weddings), that seems to sum up our philosophy rather well. Yes, there have been occasions when queueing at the counter, or service of a meal, seemed to take an age, but we did our best to combat that.

In fact, at the places that we eat, and at which one does not necessarily book, (for example, La Brasserie, in Brompton Road, South Kensington), we would be surprised if we did not have to wait at busy times. Having to wait has not put us off return visits over many decades!

So, although the actual opening date for The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall is not yet fixed, the press launch will be in early July, so we hope to see our loyal customers there in a month or so!

Day Two post Brantwood, late evening …

Dear Chris,

I am very sorry to hear that Jumping Jenny’s has closed, as are the rest of my family.  We have been visiting as often as possible for the last 24 years, always coming at least once, if not two-three times on every visit to the Lakes (mainly for the caramel shortbread!).  I look forward to finding your cakes and other food in Ulverston and other places soon!

In the meantime I wondered if you are able to deliver a few slices of your caramel shortbread by post to the London area for a birthday gift?

If so, it would be great if you can let me know the cost and rough timing.

Exactly what is planned, as part of the Jumping Jenny future.. .
If you would like to send someone a present of Caramel Shortbread, Shortcake, Chocolate squares, even Chocolate Tiffin, please email your requirements to

Many thanks,

The end of an era – Jumping Jenny moves house!


What a really wonderful last day of Jumping Jenny at Brantwood! So many loyal customers and staff coming in to say goodbye… . Cards, flowers, and wonderful conversations. It is all about people.

‘What next?’ ‘Where are you going?’ was the question asked most often.

For the moment, all we can say is that, within the next four/six weeks, there will appear a new Jumping Jenny location, not that far away, offering pretty much everything that has been offered to date, except the incredible view of Coniston Water and Coniston Fells… .

We look forward to welcoming you at the new location!

Huge thanks to all our customers for over twenty four years of brilliant business at Brantwood!

A bientot, Chris and Gillie…