At Jumping Jenny, everything is ‘FAIT MAISON’ – except the bread from More Bakery


The summer rush to France – a magnet for more foreign tourists than any other country – is about to begin. And this year travellers may spot a new logo on menus, designed to flag up when food has been home-made. But how exactly is “home-made” defined?

The bad news is that – just like anywhere else in the developed world – many French restaurants just reheat pre-prepared food, rather than cooking it from scratch.

French consumers estimated, in a poll last October, that barely half of restaurant meals were home-made, while the Union of Hotel Skills and Industries suggests that 85% of restaurants secretly make use of frozen or vacuum-packed food.

In the country of Parmentier, Escoffier, and Paul Bocuse, to many people this just doesn’t seem right, so a law designed to uphold French culinary traditions was passed earlier this year, and came into force this week.

Now any restaurant that serves a home-made dish can indicate it on the menu with it new logo – in the shape of a saucepan with a roof-like lid. From next January it will be compulsory for all menus to carry the logo – so if you don’t see it, the food is not fait maison.

“We chose to represent ‘home-made’ with a logo so that foreign tourists could understand it,” says a government spokeswoman.

“French gastronomy represents 13.5% of foreign tourists’ expenses and it’s undeniable that if we add value to the quality of our restaurants, it will have an impact on tourism.”

Even professional chefs in smart restaurants have been cutting corners, it seems.

They can buy steak tartare that has been chopped irregularly to make it look as if it was just hand-prepared in the kitchen, and any number of faux home-made tarts and pies.

Jumping Jenny Guardian Review

Just found this again….

Jumping Jenny, Coniston, Cumbria
Jumping Jenny doesn’t just claim to be the best; it is. As every cake mouthful melts you instantly have to have more. Be it a cool or warm day, a cup of tea in proper china hones the tastebuds for more delicious cake – oh, if you insist. All supped and enjoyed while watching the vapour trails from the National Trust’s steam yacht Gondola at the jetty below – they dissipate to reveal the most fantastic view of Coniston and the Lake District mountains.
015394 41715,

Bread and Butter pudding

We were delighted to receive the following comment about Gillie’s Bread and Butter Pudding:-

“Just to let you know that your BBP is the most delicious pudding – A…. thought it more like an exotic French delicacy”. Maybe we should be setting up ‘The Jumping Jenny Bread and Butter Pudding Company’? Unfortunately for you, BBP is generally only available at Jumping Jenny after it has been served at a wedding at Belmount Hall.

Although we often receive similar comments about Gillie’s own Sticky Toffee Pudding, and you can, of course sample this at Jumping Jenny any time.

JJ’s open every day from Monday 17th March…

After a long, wet, winter, the sun is shining, and we are told that it is to be a glorious hot summer.

So, to take full advantage of this, Jumping Jenny will, as usual, be open EVERY DAY from Monday 17th March, opening 11.00am until 5.00pm, longer in the summer. Until 17th March, JJ’s is open from Wednesday to Sunday, same hours.

Please don’t forget Belmount Hall for any parties that you are planning – usual superb Jumping Jenny food (and more – see the menus on the Belmount website – – for dates, see under ‘Availability’), either for up to twelve in the Dining Room, or for up to eighty four in the Indoor Marquee. With Canapes and Champagne served beforehand in the Drawing room and/or Library, or even outside in the sunshine, there can be no better place for a party.

Please give Chris a call on 015394-36373 to discuss your ideas….Image