Jumping Jenny at The Barn Cafe, Swarthmoor, has been open for less than three weeks….

and is ‘flying’! It seems that Jumping Jenny customers are prepared to make an effort to track down the Jumping Jenny product. Thank you, everybody!

It is clear from comments overheard and received that our many customers from twenty four years at Brantwood are very happy with The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall, with the Hall and its gardens, and what we are able to offer there.

After such a short time, it is remarkable that we are being asked to consider how we may add more Jumping Jenny product – such as Lasagne, Moussaka, Casseroles etc. –  to the menu. We hope to do this shortly.

Watch this space!

The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall is now open!

So, Jumping Jenny at The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall is now up and running, and it’s great! Lots of visitors – old and new Jumping Jenny customers – on Friday and over the weekend – very pleasing.

Please do come and visit Swarthmoor Hall. It is wonderfully peaceful, with lovely gardens, in which there are plenty of tables and chairs, and a very warm welcome both from Swarthmoor staff and Jumping Jenny staff, who are sharing the running of the cafe.

Jumping Jenny’s famous cakes, sweet and savoury flans, together with other pastries etc are on offer again!

We look forward to seeing you…

House move completed!

Today at Swarthmoor Hall, there was the Press Launch of The Barn Cafe, incorporating the Jumping Jenny business. Jane Pearson has done the most amazing job of setting up the cafe. Some say that, as a Coffee House/Restaurant facility, it is even better than Brantwood…. .

Including the seats outside (in the enchanting Swarthmoor Hall gardens), there is seating for 55. The cafe itself has a really lovely atmosphere. It is all looking good!

On Friday, the cafe will open, serving soup, cakes, and traybakes. Then, on Saturday, we will be putting on a better show… .

Please come and visit. It is going to be really good!

One month after leaving Brantwood

It’s an extraordinary feeling after twenty four years – not to have Jumping Jenny at Brantwood at the back of one’s mind:- has it been busy today?, have we got staffing sorted for tomorrow?, do we need to make cakes (more Gillie’s department, of course!)?, what needs to be ordered?, were there any problems today?, did we get the staffing ratio right?, and so on… .

So, the last four weeks have felt like a holiday, and we have been able to do lots of work at Belmount – things that we have never had time to do – with the help of JJ staff.

We have had many lovely messages from Jumping Jenny customers, and staff, one of whom messaged today:- “It’ll be very different without you being over at Brantwood and am sure its a big change for you both. I do hope it all goes well with the Barn café, I will certainly be heading their to get my fix of legendary food.”.

On Tripadvisor today, there is the following comment about Jumping Jenny at Brantwood:- “… it was beautiful with delicious healthy, home cooked dishes and cakes served by delightful staff in a lovely atmosphere.”.

It will be almost the same (apart from the view, sadly) at The Barn Cafe at Swarthmoor Hall, which is now scheduled to open on Friday 10th July. We look forward to seeing you there!